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Jack The Ripper In August 1888, the first of a series of murders was committed by a killer who became known as Jack the Ripper. To this day the identity of the killer remains a mystery. Five women were brutally killed in the East End of London, by a maniac who appeared to kill without warning and with no remorse. 1)What can you learn from Source A? Source A tells us that the two murders were aimed directly at the poorest people in East End at the time, and usually because of the poverty at that time, the women had to revert to prostitution so this tells us that the murderer had a great dislike for poor people or mainly prostitutes, but there was no clear motive for him to do it. It…show more content…
Other than that they all agree in the fact that they all agree that they were very peculiar ways, and that the killer put in an excess of effort. 3)How useful are Sources D and E…? The evidence of Elizabeth Long, the rippers only survivor, described the man she had seen Annie Chapman, another victim talking to prior to her death. The description is quite vague as she only comments on what she could make out when it was dark and from far away, so it seems quite unreliable and it doesn't tell us enough, so concentrating on this to find the Ripper would be a waste of time. But it was an eye witness account so it would be quite useful. Source E relies on an article published in a local newspaper, so it could be biased, and it also relies on the information of only one informant and that could also be biased. The source was produced to inform the neighborhood about they could be on the look out and be aware that there was a murderer loose. The article says that it is basically the police's fault that these murders keep happening because they should have strengthened and he went from each police station to another, but with no avail. This is saying that the police didn't pay any attention until the first murder happened. Then the informant claimed he

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