Jack The Ripper Serial Killer

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Jack the Ripper Serial Killer
The history of Jack the Ripper is mysterious. The main reason why is because nobody could or can find out who Jack the Ripper really was. He was a figure that came out from the shadows for only a couple of months, brutally murdered 5 women and then disappeared never to be seen again. All anyone oils tell about Jack was that this figure had to have known about the human anatomy to make these murders so brutal and give everyone the idea that this person had a severe hatred for other people.
First we should go over the community in which these gruesome murders took place. ''Twas the year of 1888 in the city of London where these murders took place. A district within the city called Whitechapel was the specific area
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“A witness had reported seeing Annie talking with a man outside 29 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, 5:30am,”( This occurred the morning of her death. Another witness, Albert Cadosch, who lived on 27 Hanbury Street said he had heard a woman cry out a no then the sound of a body hitting the fence. A little more than twenty minutes later her body was found in the backyard of 29 Hanbury Street by a carter named John Davis. Annies Throat had been savagely sliced open much the same as Mary Ann. But unlike Mary, Annie’s abdomen was entirely torn opened. Her intestines ripped out and still attached were placed over her right shoulder after she had died. When an autopsy was performed on her body they found out that Jack had removed parts of her vagina and her uterus.
One of the body’s found on September 30th, 1888 was that of Elizabeth Stride. She was found in Dutfield’s yard off Berner Street at 1am. Like the other victims her throat was slashed open, but what made people question whether or not he had killed her was because he didn’t do anything else to the body. But by the nature of the cut on her throat she was deemed as a victim of Jack. Some believe that the reason why was because she may have seen the killer mutilating a body and feared of being discovered, so he took her out to cover up
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Alice Mckenzie was found on July 17, 1889. She died of carotid artery, when the main blood supply to your brain gets blocked. She also had several bruises and cuts on her body which gave the idea that there was a struggle for her life. The idea the Jack was behind this was dismissed because her death looked nothing like Jack’s gruesome mutilated bodies killing.
More people thought felt the need to keep Jack the Ripper alive so one person decided to have their own gruesome way of leaving a body. The Pinchin Street Torso, named for the only thing left of the woman’s body were her arms, her head and legs were cut off and taken. Frances Coles was another victim of a Jack the Ripper wannabe. She was found on February 13, 1891 at Swallow Gardens. She was found with her throat slit and wounds on the back of her head. Investigators suggested she was thrown to the ground after she suffered the cut. Apart from those injuries she had no other
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