Jack Welch

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Erica Walker Jack Welch Dr. Kim 6 February 2014 Jack Welch: Icon of Leadership Jack Welch has been named the “Manger of the Century” and has made innovative changes to management practices. He was born as John Francis Jr. on November 19, 1935 in Salem, Massachusetts. He attended Salem High School and then after graduating went to the University of Massachusetts. At the University of Massachusetts, Jack Welch received Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. After getting his bachelor degree he went to the University of Illinois and received his Masters and Doctorate. Jack Welch became a member of General Electrics in 1960. While working at GE, Jack Welch made a significant impact, but his start at GE was shaky.…show more content…
Energizers know how to put excitement in people to fight for something. They are willing to give other credit when it’s due. Also, take responsibility for dilemmas. The third E is for edge. Mangers who have edge know how to stay above the competition. They have the strength to make the difficult decisions. No matter the degree of difficulty they are able to make the decision without a problem. The final E is for execute. Execution is the key to making the other e’s work. Managers who execute know how to convert the other e’s into actions and results. All these e’s working together create passion. When a company has passionate managers and employees, it has great success. Jack Welch developed passion within himself and his employees to create one of the most profitable companies in America. Managers who know how to motivate their employees will get the best out of their employees. Motivating employees can be from increase in pay to employee of the month to more training. Jack Welch created a rule for motivation. The rule was called 20-70-10. The employees are divided into these three group based on job performance. The 20 is top twenty (20) percent in the company. These employees are above average. The 70 is the middle percent. These employees have average job performance. They can move up to the top twenty or move down. The 10 is the lower percent and they are likely to be fire. Figuring out where employees stand in the company help
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