Jack Welch Leadership Essay

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15-LD-Leadership Stories-2 Thursday, April 10, 2014 Jack Welch I have selected Jack Welch former Chairman and CEO of General Electric. I chose Mr. Welch as he is such a renowned business man and success story. Moreover, he is a local product and I grew up hearing how GE was such a great company as many of my mother’s friends and family were employed by GE. I knew little besides generalities of his abrasive personality and his no-funny-business personality. After reading his biography and researching online, I was not too surprised there was much more beneath the covers. Introduction Jack Welch joined GE in 1960 as a 24 year old junior engineer fresh from a PhD program in chemistry. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, Mr. Welch described…show more content…
They are natural born leaders who build conceptual models that serve as plans for strategic action. Intuition orients their thinking to the future and gives their thinking an abstract quality. They actively pursue and direct others in the pursuit of goals they have set and they prefer a world that is structured and organized. Extraversion – tend to focus on the outside world and things Jack Welch has been quoted as saying that in order to be a successful CEO you have to be an extrovert. Welch’s outwardly focus and love of people/interaction can’t be overlooked, whether it is his love of golf for the people and competition, the fact that he has continually and naturally found mentor after mentor, or his strong belief in communication with his employees in the field by managing by walking around (MBWA). Intuition – tend to focus on the future, with a view toward patterns and possibilities As CEO, Welch spent much of his efforts on the future direction of the company and not the present state and situation. This is evidenced in his strong ability to create a vision (see below) and his constant monitoring of his competitors as he believed it was a huge failure to underestimate the other guy and what they were planning on doing/accomplishing. Thinking – tend to base their decisions primarily on logic and on objective analysis of cause and effect Although he received the nickname Neuron Jack, he has been quoted as saying that he
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