Jack Welch and the GE Way Essay

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Jack Welch and the GE Way

When Jack Welch was named CEO of General Electric, Welch saw a company in trouble even though the business world saw GE as an intrinsically healthy corporation, secure in its position as a world industrial leader. Welch knew that the company was too large to fail yet GE was too unwieldy to adapt for further growth. The changes he instituted restructured and revolutionized GE and made Welch the most respected CEO in business today. After reading the book there were three parts that really stood out for me.

Chapter 3: Cultivate managers who share your vision was the most important chapter to me. It talks about putting the right managers in the right positions. Welch says, “What we are looking
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They are to be nurtured in the hope that might improve. Type C managers were to be fired. They were defined as blah and neutral who are afraid of A’s and they do not know they are C’s.

In that past restaurant I worked at we used the A, B, C system not only for managers but for all staff as well. Everyone thought it was a bad idea at first but after two months they thought it was useful. We had an unbelievable staff after the system was in place. I have worked with A, B, and C managers and it can make the workplace frustrating if you do not have the right people in the right places.

The second most important chapter to me was Chapter 5: Be simple, be consistent and hammer your message home. This chapter talks about consistency can help get your message across to many people. “The only was to change people’s minds is with consistency,” (p. 51) states Welch who believes in relentless consistency in everything. Since GE’s values are so important to Welch, he had them inscribed and distributed to every single GE employee. He states:

“There isn’t a human being in GE that wouldn’t have the Values Guide with them. In their wallet, in their purse. It means everything and we live it. And we remove people who don’t have those values, even when they post great results” (p. 53).

The values on GE’s Value Guide are:

GE Leaders…Always with Unyielding Integrity:
§ Have a Passion for Excellence and Hate Bureaucracy

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