Jack Welch and the Ge Way

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When Jack Welch was named CEO of General Electric, Welch saw a company in trouble even though the business world saw GE as an intrinsically healthy corporation, secure in its position as a world industrial leader. Welch knew that the company was too large to fail yet GE was too unwieldy to adapt for further growth. The changes he instituted restructured and revolutionized GE and made Welch the most respected CEO in business today. After reading the book there were three parts that really stood out for me. Chapter 3: Cultivate managers who share your vision was the most important chapter to me. It talks about putting the right managers in the right positions. Welch says, "What we are looking for…are leaders… who can energize, excite, …show more content…

According to Welch, a business leader is obligated not only to create vision, but also to make sure employees are living that vision at every level of the organization. To Welch, one of the most crucial aspects of being consistent and following up is making sure that he delivers the identical no-nonsense message to everyone.

"You don 't get anywhere if you keep changing your ideas. The only way to change people 's minds is with consistency. Once you get the ideas, you keep refining and improving the; the more simply your idea is defined, the better it is. You communicate, you communicate, and then you communicate some more. Consistency, simplicity, and repetition is what it 's all about…" (p. 55).

As Welch pounded his message home over the years, he won the hearts and minds of the GE workforce and converted critics into believers.
I think consistency is a large part of a company 's foundation that holds everything together. Some managers forget to communicate and consistency is lost about many issues. If managers are

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