Jack Welch's Leadership

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Legend can be duplicated ---Case analysis of “Jack Welch’s Leadership”
Name as “Manager of the Century”, Jack Welch has made General Electric “Most Admired Company in the world”. This case, from an extensive perspective, describes us how Welch made such a legend during his two decade’s working in GE. After Welch become CEO in 1981, he initiated a series plan from structure redesign, incentive method changing, to culture building. By his continuous efforts, Welch finally delivered the world an astonishing achievement: GE has achieved average 23% annual growth during two decades, which will surly be a tempting story for us. We will wonder whether we can duplicate such a success. To answer this
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They can well support GE’s development at every specific period. After Welch took the lead, his mission priority was to restructure GE, and he needed to push many radical ideas through the whole company. If the whole structure was still as bureaucratic as before, he cannot move one step. So Welch began to slim the whole organization and finally eliminated sector level. With the new structure, the whole company can move lightly and easily. POLITICAL LENS Welch is very strong-minded, but if he is just a tyrant or an ego-centric person. He couldn’t build up his authority finally. Through this case, I do see Welch has adopted many political techniques to help him carry out his plans. In the beginning to set up work-out Welch let some key person be involved in very early stage, and then they developed the idea together. This method will help him get support easily from others. When implementing it, he firstly formed a small implementation team and then made the company-wide program rollout. As a good politician, this is a method to avoid the possible risk for whole company. To globalize GE, Welch appointed Paolo Fresco as head of International Operation, and in 1992 made him a vice-chairman and member of his four-man corporate executive office. Welch showed his greatest support to Paolo Fresco and delegated enough power to him, which
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