Jack Whitehead 's Living Educational Theory Approach

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Jack whitehead’s living educational theory approach
Jack Whitehead has been dedicated to an action research approach, “living educational theory”, for the past 30 years. Whitehead believes that education is a value-laden activity and refers to values as these qualities, which provide meaning and purpose to our personal and professional lives. He proposes that in asking questions such as “how do I improve what I am doing?” (Whitehead, 1989, 2005), practitioners could create their own theories by communicating their educational values in their practice. He doesn’t see the educational theory the educational theory as established by the disciplines of sociology, psychology, philosophy, and history of education. Instead, Whitehead believes that the purpose of the educational research is essentially concerned with the creation and testing of educational theories: “Because I see educational theory as an account of the educational influence of educational and social formations that include learning to live values more fully, I attach great importance to those values that appear to carry hope for the future of humanity"(Whitehead, 2004, p.2). In the process of developing a living educational approach, Whitehead offered the following five ideas:
a) The individual should include ‘I’ as a living contradiction in educational enquiries such as “How do I improve my practice?”
b) The individual should develop systematic types of action enquiry including “I” as a living contradiction.
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