Jack Wright Case 1 Essay

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August 25, 2015 Jack Wright Case 1 Jack Wright, Director Jack Wright would be considered an extremely successful businessman by today’s standards. Being a CEO of a prosperous major company in the Midwest, Dryden Corporation, Wright over the previous ten years has led the company to even more accomplishments than he originally thought possible. Through dozens of acquisitions, Wright managed to grow annual revenues to over a staggering two billion dollars. At the age of only 55, Wright had gained respect and a healthy reputation in the surrounding community and the industry itself. While Wright was very fruitful in his success, he was very interested in what one of his notable friends, John Rock, approached him with. Rock, the…show more content…
Wright considered the pros and cons of joining Mega Corporation’s board of directors very seriously. One red flag that concerned him was that Sam Bigger, and only Sam Bigger, had control of the entire company. If Bigger decided to go down one path with the company that Wright did not agree with, Wright would have no choice but to follow because of the sole ownership that Bigger acquired. Another con that weighed on Wright was that he was not yet familiar with the future operations of the company and what direction Mega was headed. A month to form an answer was not enough time to properly analyze this sizeable corporation. Even another doubt that appeared to Wright when he was researching Mega Corporation was the fact that eight of the board members have been servicing for more than fourteen years. This caused Wright to wonder if those members were truly independent of the company. While none of these factors are strong enough for Wright to decline the offer, there is one more considerable factor that he had to consider. Wright was aware that one of Mega’s subsidiaries was in direct competition with his company, Dryden. Dryden was right in the cross fire for Mega to acquire as one of its own. If Mega were to buy out Dryden, Wright would be directly in a conflict of interest between the two companies. Since Wright did not know
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