Jack 's Internal And Social Conflicts

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Every person is given a chance in this world to create a life desirable and suitable for oneself; a meaningful life with a mission and purpose. However, what happens when that purpose slowly fades away and one loses oneself in the process? What happens if one feels trapped and isolated in an oppressed society? This is the exact situation where the narrator finds himself in the Fight Club. Trapped in the society’s materialism, and unconsciously molded to fit into its norms, “Jack,” the narrator, loses touch of who he really is. Jack’s internal and social conflicts are conveyed through the concepts from the Reader’s Digest, a magazine where the organs of the human body talk about themselves in the first person. Themes of emasculation, isolation, materialism, self-expression and freedom from the society develop from “I am Jane’s Uterus” and “I am Joe’s Prostate”, and ending with “I am Joe’s Hard Drive” (Fight Club 58, 205). These statements are part of a captivating transformation within the narrator, which symbolisms become truly significant throughout the story. It all begins with “I am Jane’s Uterus” and “I am Joe’s Prostate”, two symbols responsible for creating life, but also introducing the gender roles in the society, more specifically the focus on masculinity (Palahniuk, 58). Jack, the narrator, has been given life in a world where he feels men have lost their value, living in a materialistic world. His life as a man consists of viewing the IKEA furniture catalog and…
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