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AP English IV Book Report “Jack the Ripper” Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer, whom some believe never even existed at all. From August to November 1888, Jack the Ripper terrorized the East End of London by being responsible for the death and mutilation of at least seven female prostitutes. The destitute East End is also known as the White Chapel district of London, England. A few of the prostitutes were targeted as they were leaving brothels in and around the White Chapel district. Jack the Ripper seemed to be targeting drunken women who had no sense of time or what they were doing (Jack the Ripper). Jack the Ripper is just a name given to an unidentified late 19th century murderer. No one actually knows who this…show more content…
The rest of the responsibility lies with the Ripper. He may have been a sexual serial killer of a type all too common in the 1990’s, but he was also bent on terrifying a city and making the whole world take notice of him by leaving his horribly mutilated victims in plain sight. Lastly, the Ripper was never caught and it is the mysteries surrounding this killer that both add to the romance of the story and creating an intellectual puzzle that people still want to solve ( Ebsco host). It is unclear just how many women the Ripper killed. It is generally accepted that he killed five, though some have written that he murdered only four while others say seven or more. The public, press, and even many junior police officers believed that the Ripper was responsible for nine slayings. The five that are generally accepted are: 1. Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols murdered Friday, August 31 1888. 2. Annie Chapman, murdered Saturday , September 8, 1888. 3. Elizabeth Stride, murdered Sunday, September 30, 1888. 4. Catharine Eddowes, also murdered that same date. 5. Mary Jane (Marie Jeanette) Kelly, murdered Friday, November 9, 1888. Besides these five there are good reasons to believe that the first victim was really Martha Tabram who was murdered Tuesday, august 7, 1888, and there are important considerations for questioning whether Stride was a Ripper victim. As to the actual number of women that the Ripper killed, there is no simple

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