Jack the Ripper Essay

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Jack the Ripper
Source Related In August 1888 a killer who became known as Jack the Ripper committed the first of a sequence of murders. To this day the description of the killer remains a mystery. A mad person who is violent and dangerous who emerge to kill without warning and with no guilt, horribly killed five women in the East End of London.

1. Study Source A, What can you learn from Source A about the murders of the Martha Tabrum and Polly Nicholls?

Source A is part of an article in the East End observer describing the murders of Martha Tabram and
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From the article we can see the main reason the public linked the two crimes was, 'extraordinary violence is the peculiar feature in each instance' this tells us that such violent murders were still extremely rare in the area therefore logically the frightened public linked the murders. Therefore we can conclude that the article tells us the murder of Polly Nicholls and Martha Tabram were violent random attacks and they did not defend from the killer. In each case incredibly and previously planned violence was used, this violence was not familiar to the area and caused panic. Although it is not confirmed the two murders are linked. Source A tells us they were only some similarities in both murders.

2. Study Sources A, B and C, Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B about the Ripper murders? Explain you answer.

Source A is part of an article in the East End Observer linking the murders of Martha Tabram and Polly Nicholls together. The murders have 'shocked' the people of London. These women were the 'poorest of the poor' and there was no real motive for their murders and no sign of robbery. A lot of time and effort has been placed into the murders. It is the work of a

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