Jacket Descriptive Writing

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I threw my books on the bed and approached the jacket slowly, as if it were a was 1 month old Boxer dog sitting on my bed. I was so happy the jacket that was sitting on my bed was so cool! It was exactly what I wanted.Smooth black leather. Silver clips, buttons,zippers even a little bit of gold paint on some of the zippers.”You jackets in the closet.” My mom yelled. My heart sunk as fast as the titanic. I slowly walked towards the closet. I opened the short white dusty door. I closed my eyes and slowly looked into my closet. I rummaged around to see if there were a different jacket in there. Nope!!! This must be my lucky day.Whoosh I threw the awesome new jacket on. Man I looked as cool as a as biker. I rushed down stairs.When I thanked my mom I smiled ear to ear. I ran outside, I ran like I were a cheetah about to catch my prey. Just like a cat I jumped into the tree,then looked out the ally and smiled. Tomorrow I will be the coolest kind in the 6th grade. Everyone will be jealous of my awesome jacket. I flapped my jacket like wings of a falcon. I pretended I was a bird. What better way to pretend I was a bird then playing with my dog. I went to my dog Brownie and flapped my “wings”. He thought I was an actual bird and tried to grab my jacket. I got up and went inside thanking my mom again. Then, I ate some dinner and talked about…show more content…
However, halfway through recess I stopped to go show all of the girls my new jacket. I stopped at the prettiest girl in the 6th grade, Holly Maple. I made sure my jacket looked it’s best. Then, I casually walked over. Yes I finally found love. Holly and I were dating now. We had to go back inside. I was happier then a tiger that got set free into the wild after 4 years in a small cage. The fire bell rang five minutes after I got into class. I went outside walking past all of the other grades. Everyone was saying that my jacket was awesome. I just smiled and
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