Jackie Biskupski's Statement Analysis

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Giving her 2017 State of the City Address Jackie Biskupski, the 35th Mayor of Salt Lake City, emphasized Salt Lake’s progress and potential. In the midst of her hopeful and reminiscing words, she made a statement of bullshit.
Biskupski said, “The SLCPD is committed to fostering positive change, and creating honest dialogue that results in trust.”
The essence of Biskupski’s statement is that the police department is taking action to gain trust. Recent Black Lives Matter campaigning and movements against police brutality, lead me to believe that the statement is bullshit. The Mayor cannot ensure that every single officer in the Salt Lake police department is acting towards positive changes and participating in honest dialogue. Since she
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An article in the Washington Post revealed that across the nation 963 people were shot and killed by police in 2016. This puts police in a losing situation. Not only have they lost the trust of many, but they are now portrayed as the enemy. A police officer’s duty is to protect the people and enforce the law. After the shootings, people don’t see them as protecting anyone, but instead harming the population. More than often now the perception is that they are the bad guys who take advantage of their power.
Going back to bullshit being a bigger message instead of a factual statement, all this about police relates because the Mayor is giving a speech to the people of her city. For her to mention this in her speech welcoming the future, means that there is a problem with the trusting of police. So she tells people what they want to hear and need to hear, by saying that the police are taking actions that will result in trust. In saying this she is just making people feel less worried about their being a problem when in fact the problem still exists.
Bullshit in this case is used to disguise the still existing problem, so that people hear what they want to hear and are given a more peaceful state of

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