Jackie Kennedy Onassis : A Freudian And Rogerian Affair

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Jackie Kennedy Onassis: A Freudian and Rogerian Affair Jacqueline Lee "Jackie" Kennedy Onassis was a highly regarded first lady, fashion icon, and poised woman of her time. She was well known for being the wife of John F. Kennedy and for her grace following his shocking and untimely death. Her blood stained pink suit is arguably one of the most famous items of clothing in American history. Jackie’s effort to historically preserve aspects of the White House and many areas of New York. Although Jackie’s life was highly publicized because of her stature and her husband’s infamous philanderous activity, there was a deeper aspect to Jackie few had access to. Jackie’s troubling childhood may have led to her decision to live a…show more content…
Her loyalty to her father following the divorce could be that Jackie suffered from penis envy and felt in competition with her mother. “Black Jack”, may not have been a great role model, but young Jackie loved him unconditionally despite his flaws. She arranged his funeral after he died of terminal liver cancer, playing the doting loved one other family members could not. The continuation of love and care shown by Jackie could arguably have suffered from an electra complex. Her efforts to continue a relationship with an alcoholic and lothario who showed little affection may have been a sexual interest. By being a constant in Jack’s life, she may have unconsciously wanted and thought a sexual relationship could occur. According to many sources, Jackie often smoked, frequently when she thought no one was around her. Ms. Kennedy Onassis was also known to bite her nails in times of high stress, like the anniversary of Jack’s death (Farewell). Freud would certainly find Jacqueline to have a profound oral fixation. Jacqueline watched her diet and had strict caloric intakes. She may have satisfied needs from her oral fixation through her smoking and nail biting, but punished herself with food in order to save her figure. She was most likely breastfed as a baby, because of the unpopularity of formula when she was

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