Jackie Robinson : An Advocate For Civil Rights

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Since the formation of America, there have been many people who helped create the country as it is known today. Their lives and choices affected the course of history of the US for the better. Many of these characters attacked the racism of America. African Americans have had to deal with great discrimination and unequal treatment acted upon them. Because of this, these great figures rose up to fight against racism and give African Americans the rights they deserve. One of these contributors to American culture that fought against racism was Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was a famous baseball player who aided in the integration of African Americans in many areas of life.
Robinson began his role as an advocate for civil rights in America even before he was drafted onto a major league baseball team. In 1942, he was inducted into the Army. This was during World War II. At this time, there was still racial discrimination in the Army. It wasn’t as much as back in the South, however it was still prominent. Robinson was part of a segregated unit located in Camp Hood. He became a lieutenant pretty quick, although he still had to go through opposition to become one. At the time, Lieutenant Robinson’s fight against racism started when he boarded a military bus, towards the middle. Once the bus driver saw Robinson, he ordered him to move to the back of the bus. Robinson refused and argued with the driver. After the altercation, Robinson was asked to move to the hospital to stay,

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