Jackie Robinson : Baseball Team

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After moving to Pasadena, Jackie attended all-african american elementary and middle schools along with his siblings and other minor children. After graduating from Washington Junior High School, he enrolled in John Muir High School. Once attending, his brothers Matthew and Frank helped inspire Jackie to pursue his interest and talent in sports. At Muir Tech, Jackie Robinson played as shortstop and catcher on the school’s baseball team as well as placing a spot in the Pomona baseball all-star team, played as the quarterback on the school football team, played as shooting guard on the basketball team, won awards in the broad jump while he was on the track and field squad, as well as lettered in all four of these sports. Also, in 1936, Jackie participated in the junior boys singles championship in the Pacific Coast Negro Tennis Tournament and won first place. Jackie succeeded immensely in the field of sports, and this inspiration from his brothers led him to this discovery, and ultimately his final sports career in major league baseball. Even in his high-school success, he surprised many, especially those who deemed him unfit to be recognized or to be capable of such outstanding accomplishments because of his status.
After graduating from Muir Tech, Jackie enrolled in the Pasadena Junior College, where he continued expanding his sports career and experience and continued participating in the school’s sports teams and competitions. He continued to excel in Jackie Robinson was…
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