Jackie Robinson : Breaking The Baseball

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JACKIE ROBINSON 2 Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Baseball Racial Barrier Baseball has been called “America 's Pastime” for years because people have played baseball for years and it is one of the first things fathers teach their sons. Family’s go to ballparks all over the nation to watch baseball at all levels of play from T-ball through the Major League of Baseball (MLB). Throughout the years there have been many great, loved, and cherished baseball players including Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig, and Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson is on the top of the list of all time greats, not only because he was a great player, but because of all he accomplished and overcame through racism and how he helped transform baseball into what it is today. Jackie Robinson was the most influential man to ever play in the MLB and also one of the greatest players to ever live. Jackie was born into a family with challenges. He was raised from a young age by a single mother, Mallie Robinson. Jackie was the youngest of five children in his family consisting of three boys and one girl. Jackie was raised in relative poverty in a tough neighborhood with crime and violence(“Jackie Robinson Biography”, 2016). His father, Jerry Robinson, left his family in 1920 for a neighbor 's wife and didn’t have much communication with Jackie or any other family member after that(“Jackie Robinson Biography”, 2016). Jackie’s childhood wasn’t like a normal childhood today coming

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