Jackie Robinson Determination Of Life

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Have you ever been through a life changing experience? People can use their determination and taking risks to change their countries like I Never Had it Made by Jackie Robinson, Warriors Don’t Cry, by Melba Pattillo Beals, and “The Father of Chinese Aviation” by Rebecca Maskal.

In the book, I Never Had it Made, Jackie Robinson states how he changed his country with his determination. In paragraph 2, it says, “I was proud of that and yet I was uneasy. I was proud to be in the hurricane eye of a significant breakthrough and to be used to prove that a sport can’t be called national if blacks are barred from it.” This is proves that Jackie Robinson was determined to go through it was a risk taking event that could cause life threatening problems. He kept on going, into the “hurricane eyes”, and stuck with it. It also states in paragraph 1, “It was a history-making day. It would be the first time that a black man would be allowed to participate in a world series. I had become the first black player in the major leagues.” I can infer from this part of the text that he broke the color barrier as he was the “first black player”. Even though it didn’t say in the text, I already know that Jackie Robinson was the first person to break the color code, and he was a very successful. Jackie Robinson is proven to have used his determination and taking risks to change his country, but he isn’t the only one.

Melba Pattillo Beals had used her determination and took risks to change her
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