Jackie Robinson : The Baseball Player

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Jackie Robinson is often seen as the baseball player to put blacks on the map. Though, what Troy argues in “Fences” is completely different. He believes that Jackie Robinson was the most successful baseball player not necessarily the best. Troy believed that he, in fact, knew teams that Jackie Robinson would not make. He also knew of many black baseball players that came before Jackie Robinson that simply did not a chance. This can relate to athletes that never made it to the big leagues because of their attitude problems or simply succumbing to their bad surroundings. In “Fences” Troy’s downfall is a bad experience of being a good black baseball player just coming up in the wrong era. According to Letzler, “the critics have joined Troy in being “angry that he, a great player who hit .432 with thirty-seven home runs, never played for the majors while white Selkirk … played right field for the Yankees” (Birdwell 89), despite Selkirk’s “paltry” hitting” (301). On the surface, Troy just might seem jealous of someone like Jackie Robinson but he surely had the stats to back up his talk. As you can see the white baseball players during that time were given more room for error. That is particularly sad because the black players like Troy were not given any room for error at all, they simply just were not given a chance in reality. Baseball can be truly seen as metaphor for life in America. As just like it takes certain ingredients to be successful in life those same
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