Jackie Robinson : The Game Of Baseball Essay

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For as long as I have known the game of baseball and learned of our country’s history, there is one man that has always stood out to me. This man was very unique, he contained guts, courage, and a whole lot of drive. Who knew that with so called, “America’s Pastime”, he would play such a huge role and make such an outstanding impact on this great nation. The man’s name is legendary Jackie Robinson. Jackie grew up in unfortunate circumstances that many families dealt with at the time with his dad being a sharecropper. Born in Cairo, Georgia, Jackie was the youngest of five and moved to California with his mother after their husband/father left them. Despite their struggles, Jackie’s main focus was on sports and really pushed him through high school and colleges (Kenny, 34). Although I have also found to make that claim that Jackie Robinson was a good example of someone who grew up, not just with unequal opportunity because of the color of his skin, but also due to his financial situation. Jackie Robinson played a huge role in American History and after my doing my research, I found much that I didn’t know. Not only was Jackie impactful in the game of baseball, but he was a Jewish icon, in the U.S. Military, and played a huge role in Civil Rights Movements. It was quite some journey for Jackie and he managed to live quite the impactful life (Purvis 366). Every April 15, Major League Baseball celebrates the legacy of Jackie Robinson who wore the number 42 on his back. But

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