Jackie Robinson Was The First African American Baseball Player On A Team 's Roster Essay

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Many athletes are just that, athletes. The crowd cheers as they hit a home run or they make the shot. They’re known for their performance on the field and only the field. Instead of realizing the importance of their voice or their actions, they decide to suppress their own voices, choosing to bask in the glory they receive due to their performance during a game. It’s easy to fall into the mindset that all athletes fall under this category of ignorance or better yet indifference. Although a majority of them represent this group, there a handful that dedicates their time and voice to bring about change in society. Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player on a team’s roster. Not only did he change the sport of baseball forever, but impacted millions of African Americans and his impact continues to affect lives today.
The first African American baseball player, Jackie Robinson and unfortunately that is all the majority of Americans know him for. Personally, I had no intensive knowledge on Robinson before this course. I knew what the rest of America knew, thinking his legacy only pertained to the aspect of sports, the integration of sports and the mindset and endurance that an athlete should have. Ignoring the fact that his legacy continues today in the day to day of everyone not just athletes. Many fail to acknowledge the ties that Robinson had with the fight for equality and the Civil Right Movement. His deep involvement in the fight for
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