Jackie Robinson's Letter To President Eisenhower On Civil Rights

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I like it how Jackie Robinson sent a letter to President Eisenhower about Civil Rights. My first dislike is when President Eisenhower sends troops to enforce the school’s integration. Why I hate that part is because he sent troops for school integration which is stupid what he did. My second dislike is when the party of the seventeen million Negroes couldn’t suggest an wait for the hearts of men change. Why I hate that part because everyone should be treated fair and nobody should never be treated unfairly. Everyone doesn’t treat anyone fair in the past and now. I don’t like when he is hearing and he felt like to say “Oh no! Not again. “ I hate that part because these audiences were waiting for a long time for the speaker to come back and start talking to them…show more content…
In the first paragraph, I saw that President Eisenhower used integrity by bringing some troops to the school to enforce the school’s integrity. How that paragraph used dignity to was by making the school worthy and bring troops into the school for enforcing the school’s integration. There was another paragraph that was on the back of the paper and it used respect by, being patient while they wait for the speaker. How I will apply what I learned by, being quiet for the speaker like my teachers and listen to what they're saying which is important or during a slideshow. My second thing I applied which was suggesting something instead of saying in your head “ Nope, that is not going to work. “ I did that in the beginning of the year of school and my teachers told me to take risks and believe you're going to do it. The third thing I learned from this story was, I should demonstrate my suggesting instead of just telling him my suggestion and not showing my demonstration to see if it will work. The last thing I can apply in my life is always sitting patiently if the speaker went somewhere to grab something or getting ready the
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