Essay on Jackie Roosevelt Robinson's Life and Achievements

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“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
-Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson(

On April 15,1947 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson broke the color barrier. When he stepped out on to Ebbets Field everyone didn't think he could last long. Jackie was born in Cairo Georgia on January 31,1919, he was the youngest out of five children. He attended John Muir High School. He continued his education at the University Of California, where he became the university’s first student to win four varsity letters in all different sports. In 1941, he was forced to leave UCLA because of financial hardship. Jackie played baseball, football, basketball and was on the track team. From 1942 to 1944, Jackie served as a
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Later on, Jackie Robinson helped the Dodgers win the World Series against the New York Yankees in 1955.(Jackie Robinson movie 1950)(history vs Jackie Robinson had many leadership personalities the ones that stood out to many people were his courage and determination. I think Jackie was a participatory leader and a free rein leader because he went along with everything,he didn’t talk back. He listen to others ,but doesn’t let what others say impact him on what he’s going to do. How Jackie handled himself on and off the field is remarkable. He took every racist comment and turned the other check. In my opinion Jack Robinson became a leader because the strengths of his character. He endured many hardships and attacks on his character simply ,because the color of his skin. Some of the leadership opportunities Jackie had was to be on the board of directors for the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
Part of Jackies leadership goal for the NAACP was to increase membership,but he thwarted by the many anti-civil right measures being taken in the south which intimidated people and prevented them from joining. He also helped the freedom fund drive raise more than a million of dollars. Jackies lows in life were when he was discharged from the army in 1944, court-martialed in relation to his objections with incidents of

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