Jack's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Death, murder and betrayal these are probably not the words any leader wants to hear. In the book the lord of the flies which is a fiction by William golding. In this book a plane crashes on an island and a group of schoolboys get stuck on the island. There's a struggle for power on the island, Ralph and jack both want to lead the kids' on the island. But the most superior leader on the island is jack he gets the kids, food, gets them to listen to him, and gets them saved. Jack's first quality that makes jack a superior leader is he gets the kids, food. The most important thing to survive is a good supply of food, and jack was the first person to kill a pig to eat. Jack also shows the kids how to hunt for food. When all the other kids were goofing off playing in the water. Jack realized that they were going to all die if he didn't do something. Add a quote here about jack killing the first pig. As you can see this shows how much of a good leader he is because he took action into his own hands to save the kids. …show more content…

One big reason leaders fail is because the people don't listen to them when Ralph tells the kids to help him mack huts the just blow him off, and play with their friends in the water or in the jungle. But when Jack finally took power the kids did exactly what they were told to, and if they didn't that got exactly what they were coming to them. If the kids don't listen, they will eventually will not have food or water if they slack off. This shows that he is a superior leader than Ralph because it shows that he wants the kid to have food, water, and shelter they just need to

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