Jacksonian's Viewed Themselves as Guardians of the Constitution, Political Democracy, Individual Liberties, and Equality of Economic Opportunity

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Jacksonian's viewed themselves as guardians of the constitution, political democracy, individual liberties, and equality of economic opportunity. Many of his followers from that time tended to agree but a lot of people today look back and disagree with each of these assumptions. I believe that he was a keeper of the constitution and political democracy. Depending upon your outlook, Jackson was a guardian of individual liberties, even with his oppression of African American slaves, Indians, and women. His equality of economic opportunity was more towards the common man that the elite but gave that common man a larger chance for equality with the elites without allowing the elites a greater chance to increase their wealth. Jackson had many …show more content…
Citizens were becoming more involved with their politics. This was mostly due to Jackson being more like the working class voters and sharing many of their same views and getting them involved through various rallies and other get together's. They greatly accepted his theory of democracy and that it should offer “equal protection and equal benefits” to all white males and favor no region or class. There are many different views of Jacksonian's being guardians of individual liberties. Andrew Jackson gave white males a much greater opportunity for expansion. Jackson was a true believer of Western expansion, and Indian removal, something that would get him much criticism from historians today. He believed that both were a necessity for white expansion and American prosperity. Jackson still did not try to help women, Indians, or African Americans, both slave and free to have any actual rights. Even so you can still make the argument that he was still a guardian of individual liberties, since they rarely had any rights previously as it was. He was a keeper of liberties to those white males who were the only ones allowed specialized liberties. Jackson firmly believed in quality of economic opportunity, which he showed several times throughout his presidency. He believed the national bank helped the wealthy elite and that state banks would help the common man more. Also by
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