Jacksonville Shipyards

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Jacksonville Shipyards
Callie Alloway
OMM640: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Frank Czarny
7 January 2013

1. Although the behavior of Robinson's male coworkers is morally objectionable, should management attempt to prevent it? Do you accept the claim that the workers have a right to post pictures in the workplace? Is this a personal problem that workers should handle among themselves?
JSI’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy states, “…we should all be sensitive to the kind of conduct which is personally offensive to others. Abusing the dignity of anyone through ethnic, sexist, or racist slurs, suggestive remarks, physical advances or intimidation, sexual or otherwise, is not the kind of conduct that can be
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Is the posting of the sign morally (and legally) objectionable? Hint: what was the trailer used for?
Yes that sign is morally and legally objectionable. It is morally and legally objectionable because Ms. Robinson had to go into that trailer to check on paperwork. It was not a break room, cafeteria, or a place where she did not have to go to get work done, it was a place that she had to go and it was a part of her job.
Boatright, J. (2009). Ethics and the conduct of business (6th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ.: Prentice
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