Essay on Jacksonville Shipyards

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Running head: Case 8.1 Jacksonville Shipyards

Jacksonville Shipyards
Ketty Taboada
Strayer University
Business Ethics-BUS290
February 24, 2008
Sexual misconduct in the workplace has been a problem for women and in recent year’s men as well. Unfortunately, in the past this topic was overlooked until the case of Meritor Savings v. Vinson. We will establish the criteria for determining when unwelcome conduct of sexual nature constitutes harassment according to Title VII. Additionally, we will ascertain how to evaluate evidence of harassment, whether a work environment is sexually antagonistic, holding employers liable legally responsible for sexual harassment by supervisors; and analyzing preventive and corrective action
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For example, in the case of Lois Robinson co-workers would post pornographic pictures and make suggestive comments when they noticed her pass by. Although, this did not affect her pay or the terms and conditions of her job she was subjected to a hostile work environment. Lois Robinson filed a suit against Jacksonville Shipyards Inc., for sexual harassment. However, the challenge for the court is to determine what is considered discomfort. The judge ruled that the display of pornographic pictures and pinup calendars was a visual assault on the emotional response of female workers due to the conditions sexual harassment under the “hostile working environment” provision. (Boatright 2007) Keep in mind that the court decision did not state that the display of pictures always constituted sexual harassment. The problem was the scarcity of women workers in a shipyard, and the lack of women in authority and the occurrence of verbal harassment including explicit sexual remarks. Jacksonville Shipyards Inc. (JSI) were federally contracted to repair U.S. Navy ships, therefore, they are required to have an affirmative action plan. In the company policy it stated that any violation should be reported to the Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator in the facility. Unfortunately, supervisors at the shipyard were unaware that such policy existed and it was not included in the standard JSI
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