Jacksonville State University Research Paper

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Jacksonville State University has become my home away from home. Thus, Jacksonville is the friendliest campus in the South. With this being the friendliest campus in the south, I have made new friends and the professors care about my success. Jacksonville felt like home, because of its beautiful campus, and friendly campus. On the other hand, Jacksonville has challenging academics. Thus, I chose Jacksonville State University because of its friendly campus, friendly people and professors, and challenging academics. Jacksonville State University is in fact, one of the nicest and friendliest campuses in the south. Coming to this friendly campus on preview day, had been the first thought in my mind of how amazing this beautiful campus is. For example, when I came to orientation, I met with the friendliest guides who were so willing to answer questions and show me where to go. From orientation to the first day of school, I walked around and everyone is welcoming always saying hey and the professors care about your education. Thus, being the friendliest campus in the south is just one reason I chose to call Jacksonville my home. Next, since I have been on this beautiful campus I have made so many friendly faces, along with the most caring professors. In the past, it had always been hard for me to make friends, but immediately coming to campus I have…show more content…
I chose Jacksonville for my college experience because I have had the best experiences here from preview day to my first day of class. Because of these experiences I have made some great friends along with having the most caring professors. Coming to JSU has been the best decisions I have made; I have complex academic classes that challenge me to get good grades. Jacksonville is my home away from home, and I had no hesitation to choose this University for
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