Jackyuri's Cabin: A Narrative Fiction

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The harsh ding of the frozen bell woke the slumbering snow. The frail cabin walls offer little shelter as Ppeople enter and cluster into groups shivering with their tattered clothes and muddy arms around the frail wooden cabin. A man in the groupYuri turns to observe the walls of the campof his internment before entering. Men on the wall stride passionatelyrelentlessly, staring down at the group like eagles observing their prey. “Line up! Half Portions!” a man bellows from inside the cabin. A line begins to form. JackYuri Yuri forces his way closer to the front, grabbing people’s clothes and ripping them back. The pieces of clothing float swiftly to the ground. As he pauses in the line, he looks down at his clothes unscathed by workphysical labour, and the red triangle by his chest flows to the slow rhythmic beat of his heart. He respires a deep slow breath that hangs coldly in the air.…show more content…
A cold breeze hits him again, he JackYuri shivers. The line takes five steps and then shudders to a halt. Armed men stand to either side of him leaning on the rigid walls of the cabin, guns lowered. He takes another deep breath and slowly smiles. He then stares back to observe the man behind him: tattered and baggy clothes, scrawny and frail build, dirtied hands and face from work. Upon seeing this man, aA fire begins to kindle inside of him as if two rocks had clashed. Red flags fly high in the streets from each house whipping back and forth like the tail of a galloping horse. The manJackYuri stands up right, hands on hips in the town square. Armed men patrol the streets looking inside houses as if they were hunting a rat. Water trickles in the fountain behind and as the armed men walk by the man raises his arm towards them. The men react the same wayin unison. He turns around to see children hold their hands out straight running in circles through the streets like a pilot of an
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