Jacob And Bronwyn In Blood Brothers

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Abe is Jacob’s grandfather and he was killed by a hollowgast, because of this Jacob decided that he wanted to find out what was so special about him and his grandfather. Bronwyn is a peculiar, her ability is that she is abnormally strong. She also is a mother-like figure to the younger children. Claire is a peculiar, her special ability is that she has a extra mouth at the back of her head. Claire is also the youngest of children. Doctor Golan was a weight who was disguised to be a physiatrist for Jacob. Jacob ended up killing him. Emma is a peculiar who can make fire with her hands. Her and Jacob are an item. Fiona is a peculiar who can make plants grow with just the touch of her fingertip. She is also very shy and timid. In the story…show more content…
In the story Jacob and Emma fall in love, this becomes a big distraction when they are on their way to London. Millard is a peculiar who is invisible, he helps the others by sneaking around and finding out whats safe. Jacob used to think that he was normal until he found his grandfather was killed by a Hollowgast. Once he found out his grandfather was killed by something unusual, he knew that he wasn’t normal anymore. Olive is a peculiar who can levitate. She helps the rest of the peculiars by floating above the clouds to see what was ahead of them. Alma Lefay Peregrine is best known to the peculiar as “Miss Peregrine.” She is the Ymbryne of their time loop, she is the one that keeps them together. Jacob and the peculiars go on a quest to London to try and turn Miss Peregrine back to a human again. In the story Enoch doesn't want to go to London with the others, and he also wants to make up his own rules about everything. In this story the children are never safe; wherever they go they are always being hunted by Hollowgasts. Miss Peregrine is trapped in the body of a bird, if she is a bird for too long she will never be human
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