Jacob Pool Narrative

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Sup, I’m Jacob Pool. It is the season of hunting again. I love the magnificent creatures, who roam the earth like equanimity enthralled alpacas; I’m mesmeric to travel all over the world to find and eliminate them. I hit it off with my protégé, but he just sits in the car while I impinge these guys with my baby, Savage 110 Trophy Hunter XP Package, .300 Win Mag. But I call her Megan for short, yep that’s my baby. During our hike up through the Alps Mountains, we saw a myriad of chamois just the other day. Man! When we first laid my eyes on them, we knew what was about to do down. There are a lot of people who are willing to wait and buy some chamois, for the either their horns, as an accessory, or just their delicious meat up in Argentina,
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