Jacob Writing Assignment

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Jacob is a student that I have enjoyed having in class and seeing him grow in his writing has been a true reward. When Jacob wrote his first writing sample he stopped writing after about 5 minutes and was stuck on what to write next. I believe that part of it had to do with the fact that we had not talked about too many body systems. For their first writing sample I wanted to get a feel of where they were in regards to wrting. His writing sample consisted of one long sentece with a single period at the end. Jacob also wrote in “I” statements instead of creating his own superhero. This wasn’t surrising since at this grade level they are still accostumed to writing about themselves. He did write about three superheros and their strength, but did not reltate them to any…show more content…
The first graphic organizer we used in class the cheeseburger. This helped Jacob see where he lacked punction in his first writing. The cheeseburger was also a good graphic organizer because it gave the students a template to write one solid paragraph with 5-6 sentences. I also had the opportunity to share with the class about the type of writing we were doing and that “I” statements should not be used in their writing. The prompt was to create a superhero, give him super powers, and relate them to a body system. The idea is that the students will make a connection to the body systems. Finally, as a class we also incorporated a peer review workshop. jacob was my favorite student to observe because he gave good feedback as well as took into consideration what his classmates told him and make changes to his writing. I feel that reading his writing alloud helped him catch some errors and made changes to help his writing flow. Jacob was also able to expand his writing and include the body
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