Jacobman Schizophrenia Analysis

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Schizophrenia affects 1.1% of people in the world, and in the usa it affects 2.6 million adults 18 or older. schizophrenia can lead to symptoms that are more mild or symptoms that transform into disasters. Jacob from “The Hitchhiker” by Anthony Horowitz exhibits the symptoms that come with paranoid schizophrenia almost perfectly. This type of schizophrenia that Jacob has quickly escalates to the extremes...murder. Jacob has already murdered his own brother and claims to have had nothing to do with it. He hears voices and sees things that nobody else sees or hears. Jacob form “The Hitchhiker” definitely has schizophrenia because of his actions and extreme behaviors. Primarily, when you have schizophrenia you may think of strangers as very vague and “may often think that people are after [you]” (Schizophrenia 1) . In an article called “Schizophrenia” it claims that “the defining factor of paranoid schizophrenia is absurd or suspicious ideas and beliefs. “Delusions of persecution are the most frequent theme” (Schizophrenia 1), ( delusion of persecution is the belief that someone, without any evidence is going to harm him or her or someone else. )this fits Jacob perfectly as he had preposterous ideas and plots to get rid of a “killer”, that he…show more content…
The article “schizophrenia” displays all of the symptoms of all of the different types of schizophrenia. From the article, all of the symptoms that come from having paranoid schizophrenia match Jacob’s behaviors and actions in the “hitchhiker” perfectly. Jacob displayed persecution and thought that everyone is out to get him, and also he heard and saw things that didn't make sense and that no one else could hear or see. These symptoms put tragedy and murder on Jacob’s hands and hurt many others around him like his parents and especially the
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