Jaconsen 1. Sarah Hartman . Mrs. Jacobsen. English 11.

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Jaconsen 1
Sarah Hartman
Mrs. Jacobsen
English 11
May 16, 2017

Discovering the Depths of the Earth
Marine Biology is a fascinating field to learn about, but to make a career in it you should consider three things: the job itself, requirements, and why you may be interested in this career. Many of these Questions can be answered by simply studying the career further and talking to a person who has a Marine biology vocation. But as we dive into the field and its unique qualities we must be aware to look at all the facts. The definition of marine biology is a branch of marine science involving the study of animals and plants that live in the ocean and the shoreline and how they interact with the environment. This field specializes
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Although taking courses will help you be noticed for your intelligence there is still some requirements that deal with the experience part of you training. Most people who hire marine biologist require that you have been and intern somewhere or that you have had field experience. This can help greatly get you noticed or can help you boost above you competing colleagues. If you call any Marine quarry or marine center and are serious about interning they will most likely give you some type of help or can recommend another place that may be able to help you. Even the all of this preparation can help with getting you the job you desire, most people going into marine biology spread out and go into different branches of the field that maybe they hadn’t even known about. There are organizations for about every job that you could dream of in marine biology so the task at hand is for you to do the research and pick out which one is the perfect fit for you. Once you find the one that fit you the best you should ask yourself what are the pros and cons of this job. The advantages and disadvantages of this career are both equally persuasive. Some of the pros are that a marine biologist gets the satisfaction of getting to help the earth and God’s creatures. This can really give someone a feeling of productivity. Another reason is the salary of a marine biologist can waver from any ware from $22,000 up. This

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