Jacqueline Kennedy: A Brief Biography

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Jacqueline Kennedy was raised in a loving family which helped shape her into the elegant and graceful international woman she became. By restoring the White House, Kennedy played a historic role during her husband's, President John R. Kennedy, administration. The loss of her first two children, and later her husband, left Kennedy in a state of grief that she soon overcame. Kennedy always found joy in her children, and made it a priority to be a good mother and wife. Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy endured hardships and joy to become one of the most memorable First Ladies of the United States.
Jacqueline “Jackie” Bouvier Kennedy Onassis had a privileged childhood. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was born in Southaven, New York On July 28, 1929. Kennedy's father was a wealthy stock broker (“Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Biography”, n.d.). At the age of twelve Kennedy attended ballet lessons and French lessons (“Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Biography”, n.d.). She enjoyed riding horses and even won a national junior horsemanship competition. Jacqueline Kennedy benefitted from being raised in a wealthy household.
Jacqueline Kennedy attended many different schools throughout her young life. Kennedy attended school at the Chapin School in New York for kindergarten (“First Lady Biography: Jackie Kennedy”, n.d.). Grammar
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Kennedy’s first pregnancy in 1965 ended in a miscarriage (Levingston, 2014). Her second pregnancy ended with tragedy. The infant was stillborn. They named her Arabella. On November 27, 1957, Kennedy gave birth to their first daughter, Caroline. On November 25, 1960, Kennedy gave birth to their first son, John F. Kennedy Jr., born three weeks early. On August 7, 1963, Kennedy went into labor five and a half weeks early for their son Patrick, who died after living for thirty-nine hours. Kennedy Kennedy suffered traumatic losses during her pregnancies, but had two children, Caroline and John F Kennedy
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