Jacques Family Case Study

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Legal and Ethical Consideration
Legal and ethical consideration for the Jacques family is informed consent and confidentiality. According to American Counseling Association Codes of ethical (ACA) (2014), state developmental and cultural sensitivity are discussed by the therapist to the Jacques to what expect during the session. The therapist use language that the Jacques family can understand and association to the Jacques cultural that is accommodating to their cultural (A.2.c.). The multicultural and diversity considerations allow the therapist to explain to the Jacques family when confidentiality would be shared. For example, the information on confidentiality can be shared if any member of the Jacques family wants to cause harm to themselves
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In addition, it is important to learn more about the Jacques family cultural. It is stated that Mrs. Jacques is a Christian, which is vital information for the therapist to take into consideration. Moreover, as the therapist it is essential to be aware of one own biases of the Jacques cultural beliefs. Furthermore, a therapist needs to be on time for sessions, because the Jacques cultural is appropriate to being on time. According to Congress (2004), some culturally diverse family may have dissimilar when it comes to male and female relationships in a marriage. In addition, in American society, a male that is from a dominant structure family will have conflict with equal opportunities gender relationships. Furthermore, culturally diverse families practice with discipline children are different.
Theoretical counseling model used in the case
The model to use with the Jacques family would be the cognitive-behavior. The cognitive-behavior therapy offers different treatment. These treatments include adjunctive interventions, communal needs, and aversive control (Wetchler et. al., 2015). The adjunctive interventions would be to look at their behavior interaction. This would include that the Jacques family becomes aware of their communication skills. Communal needs involve the Jacques family learning intimacy, nurturance, and
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Jacques issues are depression, verbally abuse, and the fear of physical abuse. Mr. Jacques issues are bipolar, psychotic symptoms, and substance abuse. Samuel has conduct disorder and ADHD. He also shows signs of being antisocial. His mother claims that he is an arsonist. He has been physical and verbal abuse mother and siblings. The family presents varies cognitive, emotional, and medical problems (Thomlison, (2016).
Assessment techniques used for the family
The assessment used with Mr. and Mrs. Jacques would consist of the Marital Attitude, Relationship Belief Inventory, Inventory of Specific Relationship Standards, and Beck’s Depression Inventory (Wetchler et. al., 2015). Implement the family to take a culturagram assessment to help better understand their needs and start a plan that would treat the Jacques family. The one for Mr. Jacques, Mrs. Jacques, Valerie, and Samuel may include Family Beliefs Inventory. The Jacques family could also include assessment of an Interview Questionnaires for the 4 to 6 children.
Intervention plan for the
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