Jaden Bell . Ms. Thompson . Junior English . February 23,

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Jaden Bell
Ms. Thompson
Junior English
February 23, 2017

Effects of Violent Video Games

Video Games, some are a great a part of life like mario and sonic and various others then, there are games have a a lot of blood, gore, sexul content, and heavy language and these games are the ones that teach your kids that being bad and harmful things onto another is right which will also go without punishment. So that is why writing this paper will help you understand why violent video games are bad for children and why we should all monitor what they play. Video Games some would say that they melt our minds and mess up our heads and well some of that partially is true. With the current arise in the video games such GTA 5, Resident Evil 7,
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In another article called the “Priming Effect Of Computer Game Violence On Children’s Aggression Levels” by EBSCO
With in this article it tells how computer games have raised aggression levels with teens and even some children as well, and it also states that, “Prior researchers have claimed that adolescents with high trait of aggressiveness show significantly more aggression than do those with low trait aggressiveness” so meaning that if you have more aggression than someone with less aggression you are more likely to become very harmful towards others or yourself.
In even more resources I looked up another one was an article called “Violent Video Game Players and Non-Players Differ On Facial Emotion Recognition” by EBSCO
This article goes into talking about how some people who play video games have facial expressions that change because of the violent video games they play and because of that their facial expressions become very mean looking and not happy but in the article they tell, “Three ways why facial emotion recognition may be associated with violent video game playing: (I) changes to general and perceptual cognitive

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