Jadm 430 Complete Course - Devry ( All Assignments - Dqs and Midterm Exam)

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JADM 430 Complete Course - DeVry ( All Assignments - DQs AND MidTerm Exam)

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The Course Project is designed to provide you with an opportunity to research a topic of interest related to some aspect of correctional administration. This project is an effort to allow you to fully explore issues related to either correctional officials or prison inmates.
This project incorporates all TCOs.
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The course project is
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Week 2--Annotated outline for the Final Paper. Submit a polished outline for your Final Paper. Include in your outline a brief summary, two to three sentences, of key points for each topic area.
Week 5--Annotated bibliography for the Final Paper. Your bibliography should include references to at least six outside sources. Also required is a brief, one-paragraph summary of the publication and your reasoning as to why this source is important to the topic you are investigating.
Week 6--Final Paper. Submit an 8 to 10 page paper that includes a separate title and reference page. This paper should be well organized and follow the outline submitted for Week 2 unless otherwise approved by your instructor. It should also include the list of references, but not the annotations, submitted during Week 5. The Final Paper should adhere to all APA guidelines.
Grading Rubrics
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Category Points % Description
Week 1--title page, topic description, and three references 40 12.5 This should include a properly formatted title page, a one-page topic description, and a list of three references to outside sources.
Week 2--annotated outline 80 25 This requires a properly formatted outline, a comprehensive outline that addresses key points, and a brief summary of key points

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