Jadon Vanderslice.. Ms. Glass. English 1213. 5 February

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Jadon Vanderslice. Ms. Glass English 1213 5 February 2017 Poe Edgar Allan Poe, arguably one of the best poets ever, has wrote many great and deep-meaning poems, such as “Annabel Lee,” and “Dream Within a Dream.” Both putting off a rather dark image and goth-like elements, a way of writing Poe loved best. Mostly known for “The Raven”, Poe’s Poems all have real deep and mysterious meanings that make people think a bit more to figure it out. The way he expressed terror, the suspense, the heightening of the atmosphere, his unique charm. But why is Poe such a dark poet? Why does most of his poems give off a sad and depressing vibe? How does he begin to even write such weird poems? To a degree, all writers are affected by past memories and…show more content…
For instance, in the short story "Ligeia," he states "The bleak and dismal loftiness of the building, the practically savage part of the area, the numerous despairing and time-respected recollections associated with both, had much as one with the sentiments of absolute relinquishment which had driven me into that remote and unsocial locale of the nation." Poe figures out how to make whole stories with expressions of dull and terrible undertones or definitions. Words like "phantasmagoric", which he utilizes as a part of a couple of his stories, one being "The fall of the House of Usher" it is so exceptional it makes the reader delay and consider, and along these lines builds up the sentiments of fear and powerful that Poe cunningly plays with. Poe as well tends to make sentences that enlarge on themselves with a substantial use of commas and dashes. "It passed on to my spirit the possibility of upheaval - maybe from its relationship in favor with the burr of a factory wheel." Using dashes give the reader the ability to progress a precise thought. The narrator frequently experiences some kind of mental breakdown, so an inside and out and suggest investigate the storyteller 's considerations is vital. He used fear to deprive people of their thoughts and actions. The danger is his poems does not really exist, but with Poe’s imagination and narrative skills made it become like reality. He was a lot different than most. He rarely made mistakes, and all
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