Jaguar Land Rover ( Jlr )

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With the overall sale of their products on the rise in the emerging markets, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) opens its first ever full manufacturing plant in the region, the first outside England. With great aspiration to develop their own car infrastructure market and compete with the like of (JLR) other Multi Nationals Corporations (MNC), the Chinese government made joint venture the only viable means to enter their growing emerging market, so that their local car manufacturers learn the (MNC) way of doing business. A joint venture has been defined as the collaboration of more business organisations in which they split everything necessary to run a business. Additionally, these (MNC) run the risk of having their designs copied and their…show more content…
Similarly, the saturated west car manufacturing, EU legislation on carbon emission and the USA new carbo emission levy has contributed a great deal to the immense pressures that auto manufacturers are facing today in the western markets. However, the two iconic British brand Jaguar and Land Rover failed to generate profit in the past and as a result were forced to merge with each other. Thus, the auto industry today if it wants to be competitive, it has to opt for delivering unprecedented levels of consumer value and service. Furthermore, intense competition among firms has been singled out as the one thing which is driving this unprecedented increase in consumer value and service. Therefore, the challenges facing (JLR) and other (MNC) is that because their subsidiaries in these emerging markets like China and India, find it harder to handle the performance management that’s required of them. Additionally, in order to drastically reduce production cost and deliver their products and services cheaply to consumers, (MNC) like (JLR) are entering into these joint ventures especially in China to handle production for them at such pace that causes concern among the traditional lover of the (JLR) brand. Conversely, the requirement to preserve the quality standards of these products and services being offered in these emerging markets becomes of utterly great importance, because of their reputation and
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