Jaguar Logistics Is Responsible For Providing Excellent Customer Service

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Jaguar Logistics is committed to providing excellent customer service, while providing great employment to a diverse workforce. Our goal is to lead the 3PL industry through innovation and implementing environmentally friendly processes that protect the world we live in. We offer exceptional transportation and warehousing services while passionately leading the 3PL world in ethics and professionalism. Jaguar logistics is a 3PL company that handles cycle inventories of finished goods from domestic customers in the southeastern region. We are a distribution warehouse that specializes in breadth logistics services such as warehousing, inventory management and shipper-carrier relationships. We are located on the Northside of Jacksonville equal distances from Jacksonville International Airport and JAX Port/Blount Island. The warehouse itself has a layout 100,000 (see layout below) square feet consisting of a floor storage area, receiving and shipping area. We utilize RFID technology to assist with our inventory management. Our warehouse is setup with four receiving and four shipping bays. We utilize electric floor jacks and forklifts to minimize our environmental footprint. Jaguar Logistics provides best-in-class supply chain visibility through our proprietary warehouse management system. Jaguar’s warehouse systems integrate directly with asset tracking and inventory management programs, allowing you to coordinate and manage your entire supply chain from a single interface.

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