Jaguar Manufacturer

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Explain the advantages and disadvantages for jaguar of using just in time production rather than the more traditional just in case stock system. Just in time is a manufacturing method based on pull system which means the raw materials are only delivered only when needed which reduces waste due to overproduction and lowers the storage rent e.g. warehouse storage. Advantages: * Reducing set up times * Goods from warehouse to the production line flow much smoother which saves time. * Increases supplier quality * Consistently supplying the plant with the raw material for production * Workers are used more efficiently * Scheduling and planning is improved * Reduces space requirements for raw materials…show more content…
The high motivational skills of the manager will definitely make reaching the target much easier than if the employees are not motivated. Describe the organisational culture of Microsoft as identified by Steve Ballmer. The recent culture in the Microsoft organisation can be described as an innovative culture where Microsoft are trying to develop something brand new and something that no other organisation has. Explain the meaning of business aims, and use in managing large organisations such as Microsoft. An aim in an organisation can be seen as a direction in which the business can move on this path certain objectives and targets can be set to further improve the organisations structure. The objective and targets that may be set can aspire and motivate the workforce. Aims could look at the company’s weaknesses and strengths, the weaknesses can be reduced in the future by choosing appropriate objectives and the strengths can be further strengthened by setting targets which once again will motivate the workers. Having an aim will set order in the work place which will lead to sharing among staff and more accountability cooperation. An aim is like a mission which the business is striving to achieve and complete as many objectives along the way as possible. Microsoft has four aims and they are building industry trust, building customer loyalty, altering structure of the company and devolving power from the top. Analyse four
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