Jai Jagat

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asudhaiva Kutumbakam is a philosophy that inculcates an understanding that the whole world is one family. It is a philosophy that tries to foster an understanding that the whole of humanity is one family. It is a social philosophy emanating from a spiritual understanding that the whole of humanity is made of one life energy. If the Parmatma is one how then an Atma can be different? If Atma is different how then can it ultimately be dissolved in the Parmatma? If the whole ocean is one how then a drop of the ocean be different from the ocean? If the drop is different from the ocean how then can it ultimately be dissolved in the ocean? It is a Sanskrit phrase meaning that the whole earth is one family. The first word is made up of three …show more content…
Social bonding, entertainment and recreation are a part and participle of the whole society. There are also some organizations that are working on a co-operative framework. These are ultimately influenced by the political organizations in some way. And now there are NGOs which are new and emerging and fulfill some of the social needs of the society. These must grow to do some good work for the society. There are also now organizations at the International level like the United Nations Organization (UNO) to create a common theme among the various nations of the world and try to unite them together. Each organization serves its own different purpose. And then there is another organization which we don't call an organization. And we call this as our family. Each one of us belongs to some family at an individual level. We have our parents, brothers, sisters and many more relationships. But this family is really not an organization. It is a cohesive group of people living together on the foundations of mutual love and trust but not an organization in that sense. We all live in that family. We all belong to that family. And we all come out of that family and associate with one of the above organizations and fulfill in some way our various individual needs.

All our needs are basically three-fold: Business, Social and Spiritual. We all want to basically fulfill our Survival, Social and Spiritual needs. We all act and interact with one another in some way
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