Jail Mate: Poem Analysis

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Penis I wish I had a penis. I wish I was his jail mate. I wish we shared a cell. I wish every time Dylan looked at the roof of his cell he'd see it, dangling in front of him. I'd just piss on his nazi scum face. Dylan Roof, the troubled lone wolf, but he’s only described that way because of the color of his skin. If he was a brown or black boy he’d be called a terrorist and all the brown and black folk will have to apologize for what he did. Cucumber My older sister taught me how to cut it. You have to chop off the ends first, then hold it vertically and cut it right in the middle. Then grab a lemon wedge, and rub it onto the cucumber halves until all the lemon juice is out. She likes to put salt on it afterward and rub the halves together
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