Jailhouse Lawyers & Prisoners Essay

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Over the past years, it have been obvious, that jailhouse lawyers have increased the number of lawsuits filed by prisoners. In the year of 1980, prisoners filed 12,395 petitions of civil rights claims and in the year of 2000, prisoners filed 24,463 petitions of civil rights claims, in the Federal Courts, by State prisoners.(Mays & Winfree Jr, 2005, pp.304). Jailhouse lawyers have helped inmates file these petitions against the Federal Courts, in the favor of other inmates challenging their conditions of confinement. The conditions of their confinement seems to be, prisoners way for wanting to receive a sentence reduction, sometimes, a release from prison. On the other hand, prisoners tend to use jailhouse lawyers to file petitions that …show more content…
Prisons should want to prohibit and limit the practices of inmates helping other inmates file petitions of appeals. First, the practices of filing appeals in prison by other inmates helping one another have consequences of extreme measures for the courts, Federal and State, it causes chaos in Court of Administrationn,judgments and policies of the prisons, (Dargan & Skoler, 1990), more money being paid out to benefit prisons, security matters increase, more staff members being placed on payroll to assist in the prisons. Inmates file these petitions and cause more paperwork to be filed and transportation needs for them and officials to make it to the courts, this leads to tax money being used when they should just let the prison administration and paid attorneys deal with the situations, this is why practices of inmates helping other inmates should be prohibit. Next, you have inmates that file suits that gets the opportunity of becoming “medical technicians”, that lets them be able to dispense drugs to inmates with medical conditions, (Mays & Winfree Jr, 2005, pp.311), in this case, if inmates have been incarcerated for illegal drug trafficking in the population of society, it could be a recurrence of the same crime just with in prison, that prisons should limit the practices of inmates helping other inmates in filing appeals. All these facts show how jailhouse lawyers have increased the lawsuits filed by prisoners and prisons should prohibit them, well as limit

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