Jails vs. Prisons

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Jails vs. Prisons
Andrea K. Wester
April 30, 2012 To start, this paper has been more than challenging for me. Never before has my eyes been more opened to such differences. And to warn you I may have more information than needed, but no surprise there. Here bellow is what I have come up with on the differences between jail systems and prisons systems.
There is not a major difference between jail and prison for a common man, but in the eyes of a lawyer two of them are totally different. A common man considers that the two terms are interchangeable or synonyms. Both are the places, in which individuals are physically confined
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Detention centers, in general, are larger facilities that are often regional to national in scope or coverage.
Many say that the term ‘detention center’ is a really broad name that pertains to a facility or place where persons are confined. According to the BOP (Bureau of Prison, U.S.), a detention center is a place where you confine individuals who are not yet declared convicts but are charged for something. These individuals have not qualified for bail. Nevertheless, if a person will be deemed a threat to others and even a ‘flight risk’ or somebody who might fly away just to escape the charges filed against him or her, then most likely he or she will be held captive inside the detention center prior conviction. Jails can also be described similarly.
In the U.S., detention centers can be a jail, a prison, a concentration camp, an internment camp and many other places where one or a group of people a re detained. These centers are classified as maximum, medium and minimum detention centers. Obviously the maximum security is the place where very violent criminals are housed like those who are sentenced for life imprisonment. Medium security detention centers are for those who’ll serve for middle range sentences. Compared to maximum, the prisoners in here have less criminal background. The minimum detention center, also known as a form of work camp, is meant for those who have offended a policy or law for the very first time. This
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