Jakarta Monorail and System Assuming Surfacing and Testing

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Part 1: Jakarta Monorail and System Assuming Surfacing and Testing (SAST) Jakarta Monorail Demographics in Jakarta: The total population of Jakarta is more than 9.2 million as extrapolated from the census. Together with all the commuters from BODETABEK area the total population adds up to more than 11 million presently. Approximately 14,000 people/km2 is the population density of Jakarta. There are some areas where this number increases up to 49,368 people/km2. Jakarta and Bodetabek combined is known as Jabodetabek and its total population is approximately 25 million (Sekian and Terima Kasish, 2011). Urban service facilities that pair up with other national capital are required by Jakarta as, it is not only a national capital but majority of the important government activities are being carried out here. Jakarta being the regional, international and national economic center has a huge amount of contribution in the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The total regional GDP contribution of Jakara is more than 17% and from among those 17% almost 60% of the money circulation is in the capital. The requirements from the regional, international along with national infrastructures should also be catered to through the urban service facilities being provided by Jakarta (Sekian and Terima Kasish, 2011). In order to deal with the transportation structures there are currently three major projects being carried out in Jakarta. These projects are: 1. Mass Rapid

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