Jake Barnes As A Hemingway Code Hero

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Alessandro Pereyra
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6 November 2015
Jake Barnes as a Hemingway Code Hero in The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway developed the Hemingway code hero after World War I as a representation of those who suffered after the brutality of war. Featured in many of Hemingway’s novels, the Hemingway Code Hero adheres to an unwritten, tacit set of self-established values and guidelines throughout all venues of life. He is a man characterized with a severe amount of drinking, enjoys an unusual sport, and an extravagant. In Ernest Hemingway’s fiction novel The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes can be considered a Hemingway Code Hero because of his unique physical and psychological attributes, self-examinations, and devotion to the nada concept. The protagonist of The Sun Also Rises is Jake Barnes, a passionate and honest man. Unfortunately, he is a veteran of World War I, and suffered a critical injury that left him impotent. Although a lot of his pain derives from his physical injury, Barnes endures emotional injuries in his inability to fall in love with the one he truly loves, Lady Brett Ashley. Brett is a gorgeous and attractive woman who is in love with Jake; sadly, Brett is a realist who knows that Jake is impotent and is incapable to consummate their relationship. When Jake proposes the idea of them living together, Brett replies, “I don’t think so. I’d just tromper [Jake] with everybody” (62). Although Jake attempts to find a silver lining in their complicated…
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