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Jake Dirkse Mrs. Kline April 2, 2017 Honors English Ten Hunting and Ethics Hunting throughout the United States has adapted to fit the needs of the people and new technology. Some might argue that hunting has become unethical and that animals need to be protected, but no one fights for animal protection more than hunters. Hunters, while using new technology, are making unethical decisions that affect the way other people hunt; these changes should be regulated so hunters are not making unethical decisions, effectively better conservation of animals. Hunting has grown in ways many people never would have thought possible. According to Aldo Leopold, a well known hunter, “Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is…show more content…
Hilliker in his article explains how long range hunting can be more ethical when done properly. However, if one were to hit the animal, but not kill it immediately, long range rifles would make it more difficult to find the animal because the hunter is so far away. Also, if their prey was still able to run it would be even harder to track it due to the long distance the hunter has to travel while the animal is running away from them. Kevin Helliker also states about long range hunting “But as if Big-Game hunting weren’t controversial enough, many of the sport’s own practitioners disapprove of long range hunting calling it a violation of a tradition known as fair chase”(Helliker 1). In this quote Hilliker explains the unethical side to long range hunting and how it is ruining the hunting tradition of fair chase. Some of the unethical cons of hunting with long range rifles are that they could give some hunters an unfair advantage. In addition to the unfair advantage is the enormous price of a rifle that is capable of making long range shots; some rifles have a range of over a thousand yards. According to Jeff Barnard, “...some of [long range hunting]pushes the envelope of people 's idea of the hunting ethic, and some states are outlawing high-tech innovations that game managers feel give hunters an undue advantage”(Barnard 1, brackets mine). Barnard

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